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CECOP USA Partners With Pearlman Buying Group

CECOP USA has partnered with Pearlman Buying Group. The acquisition took place last August and earlier this month, Ignacio Macias, CECOP USA’s CEO, communicated with Pearlman Group’s 600 independent eyecare professional members to reconfirm all of the new benefits they’ll experience as a result of the partnership. Today, Macias told VMAIL, there are currently 2,300 CECOP members in the U.S. and 10,000 worldwide, noting that the global group CECOP International also expanded in the U.K. over the summer.

In his letter to Pearlman members, Macias assured them that their experience with Pearlman will continue to expand in exciting ways due to this partnership with CECOP USA. “Our commitment to providing outstanding service to independent eyecare professionals remains unwavering. You can expect an enhanced level of service and access to an even broader range of exclusive deals and services from across the United States in the coming months.

“By joining forces with Pearlman, we have significantly increased our purchasing power. This means that together, we can secure even better deals and discounts on products and services for your business. We understand the importance of cost-effective solutions for your practice and we are dedicated to helping you optimize your store operations and increase your bottom line.”

Expanded offerings, enhanced support and exclusive savings will be offered as well as networking and community, which will enable members of the CECOP USA network to connect, learn and engage with like-minded professionals.

Macias noted that founder Dr. Dean Yimoyines remains in touch with the group but does not have an operational role. Pearlman stated, “Ignacio and his team will carry on and expand my vision for Pearlman. He will enable Pearlman to deliver more value to our customers and colleagues as we all move into the future. I couldn’t have picked a better partner and steward for Pearlman.”

Macias also added, “I’d like to emphasize that we will continue the legacy and culture of Dean Yimoyines. Just as Dean was dedicated to helping independent practices, so are we. CECOP USA is 100 percent independent and privately owned, so we do not depend on any big manufacturer or adhere to any corporate bias. Our focus is exclusively on helping independent practices be successfully independent.”

Founded in 1996, CECOP has operations in Spain, Portugal, Italy, England, France, Ireland, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and the U.S.

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