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Göttelborn, Germany. Nanogate AG, a leading global specialist in design-oriented, high-tech surfaces and components, has completed its acquisition of around 80 percent of US plastics specialist, Jay Plastics, as planned. With the new majority holding, Nanogate will be expanding its access to the market, acquiring its own production capacities in North America and strengthening its technology portfolio. At the same time, the Group is expecting a significant boost in sales and earnings. As early as this year, sales are expected to increase to more than EUR 150 million, as had already been announced by the Group when signing the agreement. EBITDA is also expected to improve, despite the costs of the transaction and integration. Nanogate will be presenting a concrete forecast in the coming weeks, as soon as the detailed planning of the integration is completed. Together with Jay Plastics, Nanogate is establishing itself as a globally positioned provider for design-oriented and multifunctional, high-performance surfaces and components of the highest optical quality.
Ralf Zastrau, CEO of Nanogate AG, commented: “With the new majority holding in Jay Plastics, Nanogate is expanding its technology portfolio and its access to international markets, especially in the US, but also to Asian manufacturers. This makes our Group an active player in a market with an accessible volume in billions. In view of our considerable experience, we expect a rapid integration into the Group overall. In the process, we are also benefiting from a corporate culture in both companies that is shaped by SMEs. And together, we are already negotiating new orders with customers today. To facilitate an optimal relationship with the Group, we will be establishing our own advisory board for our new subsidiary. The focus of the integration encompasses a comprehensive technology transfer and expanded access to the market. We see particularly big opportunities in the metalization of surfaces: Both companies have long been active within this market and can now together bring the new and environmentally friendly Nanogate N-Metals Chrome platform to the market. The transaction will enable us to turn Nanogate into a global provider.”

Nanogate announced its acquisition of majority stake in Jay Plastics. The company is a leading specialist in the US for the high-value enhancement of plastic surfaces and components. In addition, the company has extensive expertise in the metalization of surfaces (PVD technology) and in lighting systems. As an integrated provider, the company covers the entire value chain from the development of components to production. Its customers include well-known US automobile companies and suppliers as well as manufacturers from Japan and South Korea. Aside from the automotive industry, Jay Plastics operates in other sectors, such as household appliances. Jay Plastics was split off from the former Jay Technologies parent company and will operate under the name of Nanogate Jay Systems LLC in the future. The existing management will continue to direct the company in the future.

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