Over 35 Years of Premier Investment Banking Services

Valuation & Fairness Opinions

Dinan Capital Advisors’ valuation services provide our clients with independent, objective advice throughout every stage of a transaction, beginning with the initial pricing analysis and continuing through to the purchase price accounting valuation.

By providing our clients with a comprehensive valuation analysis from both a buyer’s and seller’s perspective, the scope and depth of our work exceed that offered by the competition. Combining industry standard valuation techniques with our 35-year transactional experience and intimate knowledge of buyers’ acquisition objectives, Dinan Capital Advisors is uniquely qualified to perform insightful market-driven valuations.

Our work enables owners to not only ascertain the current market value of their business but also provides a blueprint for value enhancement opportunities.

We perform valuations for our clients in a variety of engagements, including the following:

▸ Selling All or Partial Interest of a Business
▸ Buying Out a Partner or Minority Investor
▸ Merger / Acquisition – Fairness Opinions
▸ Divorce Strategy – Preservation of Assets
▸ Identifying and Implementing Growth Strategies
▸ Succession Planning / Exit Strategy
▸ Transfer of Business to Children
▸ Gifting, Tax & Estate Planning & Charitable Contributions
▸ Obtaining Financing
▸ Buy-Sell Agreements
▸ Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)
▸ Preparing Personal Financial Statements
▸ Determining the Need for Life Insurance
▸ Financial Reporting
▸ Litigation & Shareholder Disputes
▸ Wealth Strategy Planning