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Smith-Cooper International, Inc. – ZS Fund L.P.

Smith-Cooper International, Inc. and Flo-Rite Products Company LLC (collectively, “Smith Cooper” or the “Company”) recently completed a management-led equity recapitalization in which ZS Fund L.P. (“ZS”), a private equity fund based in New York, purchased an interest in the Company.
The equity recapitalization with ZS provided partial liquidity for Smith Coopers owners, equity participation for key management and additional capital to fund the future expansion of the business.

About Smith-Cooper International, Inc.
Smith-Cooper International, Inc. is a leading national importer of pipes, valves, fittings and other ancillary products that are distributed to a number of different end markets, including plumbing, industrial manufacturing facilities, power plants, chemical plants, water works, recreation vehicles, irrigation and fire sprinkler systems. Smith Cooper’s strong reputation is predicated on quality products with value added features, competitive pricing and service excellence. Founded in 1993, the Company has grown organically via the addition of new products, growth with existing and new customers and expansion into new geographic markets.

About ZS Fund L.P.
ZS Fund L.P. is a private equity firm specializing in long term investments in middle market companies. ZS’s transactions typically provide liquidity to business owners while enabling them to maintain a significant ownership stake and day-to-day operating autonomy. The firm primarily invests in recapitalization transactions, which often involve: estate planning, divergent shareholders goals, industry consolidation, and management transitions. ZS was founded in 1985 and is based in New York.

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